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Big Bear Cat Condos
Cat Condos for Large Cats

This page is for the big cats. We are the only people who build Cat Condos big enough for the real big cats  15-30 lbs. like the Maine Coon, our big male Bengals, Savanahs etc. So if you have a big cat you are in the right place. Your monster cats will be happy here with this super large, extra strong Condos.


    The Maine Coon
Ok, so you have a huge cat or two. I know I do.  We call this our extra large Maine Coon model.  This is the only Cat tree on the internet big enough and sturdy enough for a cat up to and over 25 lbs. such as the Maine Coon, Chausies, Servals, and just plain big old cats...lol  I guess I'm the proudest of this model more than any other simply because it really shows off the strength and stability of my condo designs.
  • Base is approx. 24"x 24" with a approx. 23"x 23" house. That's just plain huge.  
  • Huge 17x17 tower bed for the big kitties.  This large cat condo will also fit three or four smaller cats if you can't afford my multi-cat units.
  • Extra wide upper and lower scratchers for added stability. A extra tower for this model can be added for 50.00 

  webassets/mainecoon.jpg coontop.jpg webassets/customcorner2.jpg  
Maine Coon 249.00 + 54.00 s/h
Extra Tower Add 50.00  
Add hammock 40.00

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The Three Tower
If you have as many cats as I do...lol This is the unit for you. One of my biggest units, the Three Tower Leopard Lounge. Weighing over 90 lbs, this condo has three towers with beds, super large house and a very cool hammock which my cats love.
  • Base is approx. 24"x 24", 67" tall making it a true "Tower".
  • Three towers with 15"x15" beds,leaned scratchers.  Total of 4 total scratching posts and a cool Leopard print hammock. 
  •  This unit will also have carpet on all the climbing parts

 webassets/threefront.jpg webassets/threeside.jpg webassets/threehammock.jpg
 Three Tower 379.00 + 65.00 s/h

Three tower 

Double Condo
One of my favorite designs, this unit is for those cats who don't like sharing the same house for whatever reason. In my cattery sometimes i'll have a mom with kittens with one side and the dad in the other side. This unit can also have the house divider removed to make one huge house for a really big cat. The top bed will also allow the biggest cat to stretch out. Email me for this option, no extra charge.

  • Base is approx. 24"wx 30" long.  approx 5 ft. tall
  •  30"L x 20"W house with two entrances and a divider in the middle for a total of two seperate houses
  • Huge tower with 29" L x 17"W Bed
  • This unit is my biggest model for either a huge cat or all your kitties!

   webassets/Cat_condo_black_5.jpg webassets/Cat_condo.jpg
Double Condo 329.00 + 65.00 s/h

Add hammock to this model for 40.00

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